Week 4: What I learned over residency

Last week I participated in my first residency here in Houston.  The residency was very helpful and I was pleased that I knew a lot about some of resources available to me, like the Writing Center,  useful webinars to help students with their writing, and the research center.

While I did learn a lot, I also learned that I didn’t know everything and that’s okay.  I’m still fresh in my program and I just need to give myself time and the rest will come.  There were a couple of takeaways I learned from the residency which I plan to apply to my academic life.

1. Read, read, read

2. The research question directs the research method

3. When looking for a dissertation topic always ask, “Where’s the gap”?

4. Organize your work

5. The KISS Method (Keep It Simple Sally)


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4 Responses to Week 4: What I learned over residency

  1. Amanda Cole says:

    Sounds like we had similar experiences at Residency! Soon enough we will be posting that we are done! 🙂


  2. Kelly Kietzerow says:

    You give me hope when I go to my first residency this December. I am behind because I started with the EdS program and then transferred to the PhD program. I have approximately half of the classes completed so I want the residency to be useful.

    Thanks for your post.



    • fmlaster says:

      It was very helpful and I had a chance to meet for faculty and they did give some helpful and useful information. I looked at the residency as chance to soak up as much information as I could, and there was no such thing as a stupid question.


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