Nymi: My Heartbeat is my Password

Researching on the disruptive power of SixthSense and I came upon this “new tech”. Anything with the quotes “new tech” means that it’s new to me. The tech is Nymi, which is a wearable computing device, which is designed to replace the need to remember passwords, and connects you to all your devices. This looks like something  I should seriously look into. Here’s the promo video discussing Nymi.


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One Response to Nymi: My Heartbeat is my Password

  1. Rima Chamout says:

    Hi Felicia,
    It is always enjoyable to read your blogs. I could use on of those devices. I got locked out of my wordpress account and couldn’t log back in no matter how hard I tried. I just couldn’t remember my password or my username. This why I created another blog on another site. Thank you for sharing this new technology. I will sure keep an eye on it when it comes my way.


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