Science Fiction as a Force for Emerging Technologies

This week, I learned how science fiction plays a huge part in stimulating the creative juices to come up with new tech. One of sci-fi technologies I love and would like to see one day is memory manipulation. I think that movies showcasing this technology make for a great movie. Think about it, controlling one’s  memories is a powerful thing. If someone has the ability to change a person’s memory, it’s a little like mind control. A person would be able to control and change the way they interact with people. It can also be a technology, which can be abused and misused, but we can do that any type of technology, such as hacking.

I was also reminded of a movie I haven’t seen in a while, but shows what happens when people have the power to manipulate not only their memories, but also manipulates the memories of the people around them. Below is the link for the trailer to The Butterfly Effect.

On a side note, I learned that the butterfly effect is an actual thing!




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